Ma Chao  

                                                                                   Yue Tau Wan  

                                                                                                                       (Yu Tau Wan)



                                         When cross-eyed bumpkins were all the rage in Hong Kong martial arts movies,  

                                     Yue Tau Wan could be widely seen in various small parts providing comic relief. He                

                                   was often paired with his kindred spirit To Shiao Ming, such as the opening scene of 

                                        Dirty Kung Fu where they played crooked swindlers out to rob Wong Yu of his

                                                                                  money (and his life). 

                                        Other roles include the dopey constable who fights Jackie Chan in a Buddhist 

                                    temple in The Young Master, one of Simon Yam's henchmen in The Big Brother,

                                   one of Chan Sing's gang of crooks in the Michael Hui comedy Security Unlimited,

                                      and bad guy John Shum's father in the Sammo Hung classic Pedicab Driver.   


                                       Yue Tau Wan can even be glimpsed in Enter the Dragon, as one of the fighters 

                                          surrounding Bruce Lee in Han's underground lair, and briefly in John Woo's  

                                                    The Killer, as a gunman getting blown away by Chow Yun Fat.


                                                                    Yue Tau Wan Filmography 


  The 82 Tenants
1987 The Big Brother  
  The Buddhist Fist
  Chasing Girls
  Crazy Partner
  The Dead and the Deadly
  Dirty Kung Fu
1978 Duel of the Brave Ones
1984 The Enchantress
  Enter the Dragon   (fighter/extra)
  Ghost Ballroom
1982 Hex After Hex
1989 The Killer   (bit role- gunman)
1983 Mad Mad 83
1981 Mahjong Heroes
  Opium and the Kung Fu Master

Pedicab Driver

  Security Unlimited
  Shaolin Prince  
  Super Fool  (cameo) 
1981 Twins of Kung Fu
  The Victim
  The Young Master





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