Yoshie Kashiwabara

                                                                    Yoshie Kashiwabara  Yoshie Kashiwabara

                                                                                                               (Kashiwabara Yoshie)

                       Singer, Actress


                                    Yoshie Kashiwabara is a popular Japanese singing star and actress of the 1980's.

                                  During her more than 20 years as an entertainer, she has posed for many pictorials in

                                   bikinis, lingerie and partially nude. In 1993 she acted with Simon Yam, Robin Shou

                                     Wilson Lam and Philip Ko in Ko's London set action/comedy Guns and Roses


                                                 Yoshie Kashiwabara Filmography

                                                                                                                 Yoshie Kashiwabara


Guns and Roses




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