Wong Ching

                                                                                   Wong Ching  Wong Ching (Wang Ching)

                                                                                                                   (Wang Ching)   



                                      Wong Ching was a supporting actor in 1970's kung fu movies. In 1973 he starred in  

                                     Not Scared To Die which featured a young Jackie Chan, but most of his roles were

                                          as bad guys. In 1984 he played a maniacal laughing gangster in Chang Cheh's 

                                          Shanghai 13. He later appeared in a number of zany modern HK comedies with 

                                       such stars as Eric Tsang, Chow Yun Fat, and Michael Hui, and co-starred in the 

                                       1985 comedy Cop Busters with Kent Cheng, and the comedy The Comedy, also  

                                                                                       with Kent Cheng.


                                                                     Wong Ching Filmography

                                                                                           Wong Ching (Wang Ching)


All Men Are Brothers

1972 The Angry Guest
  Blooded Treasury Fight
1982 Brothers From The Walled City
1984 The Comedy
  The Condemned
1985 Cop Busters
1971 Duel of Fists 
  Duel of the Iron Fist  (extra) 
1988 Fractured Follies 
1988 The Greatest Lover
1992 Handsome Sinlings
1986 Happy Din Don
1993 Hero of Hong Kong 1949
2004 Jiang Hu
1971 King Boxer 
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places
1978 Magnificent Bodyguards 
  Mobfix Patrol
1971 New One-Armed Sworsman
1973 Not Scared To Die
  The Prodigal Boxer  (Kung Fu: The Punch of Death)
1989 Return of the Lucky Stars
  The Revenger
1984 Shanghai 13
1976 Shaolin Temple
1978 Spiritual Kung Fu
1987 The Thirty Million Rush
1982 Till Death Do We Scare
1970 Vengeance! 



                                                           Wong Ching -Television Credits 

                                                                                            Wong Ching (Wang Ching)

Nothing To Declare   

To Love With Love
A Tough Side of a Lady



                                                                        Wong Ching in 'Not Scared To Die'


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