Winston Ellis

                                                                                    Winston Ellis

                                                                                                                     (Winston G. Ellis)                    



                                      He fought Leon Lai and Frankie Chan in Fun and Fury, went mano a mano with 

                                 Simon Yam and Conan Lee in The Cyprus Tigers, got clobbered with army helmets  

                                   by the women of Jackie Chan's Operation Condor (DoDo Cheng et al), and fought 

                                                   Jet Li in the rain on a rooftop in Black Mask. He's Winston Ellis.


                                                                    Winston Ellis Filmography


   Armour of God 2: Operation Condor   

                      Black Mask      
                 The Cyprus Tigers
                     Fun and Fury 



                                                   Winston Ellis American Films


The Quest



                                                     Winston Ellis Filipino Films


   Techno Warriors  *


                                                                             * directed by Phillip Ko  




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