Vanness Wu Jian Hao

                                                                     Vanness Wu 

                                                                                                                         (Wu Jian Hao)

                           Singer, Actor

             Born: August 7th, 1979- California    Languages: Mandarin, English

                               Vanness Wu is a member of the famous Taiwanese pop music sensation F4, and is idolized in  

                               Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea. He and his group F4

                                   became exceptionally well known by the TV series Meteor Garden, and in 2003, Vanness

                                was picked to headline his first movie, the action-romance Star-Runner. In the film, Vanness

                                      plays a tournament fighter who falls in love with his teacher, played by Korean actress 

                                                                                       Kim Hyun Ju


                                The U.S. born Vanness has also released a solo album, recorded a rap featured on the Asian 

                                release of Beyonce Knowles' Dangerously in Love, and co-hosted the 2004 MTV Asia Awards

                                                                                with singer Michelle Branch.


                                   In 2005, Vanness was cast in Dragon Squad, his second Pan-Asian action film for Hong 

                                                                                  Kong director Daniel Lee


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2005 Dragon Squad 





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