Theresa Lee Yi Hung

                                                                                   Theresa Lee    

                                                                                                                     (Lee Yi Hung)


                                                                                              Born: February 25, 1970 - Hong Kong


                                                              Theresa Lee in 1995 (Oriental Sunday)

                                                                          Theresa Lee, Christmas 1995.  



                                                            Theresa Lee in Hong Kong

                                                        Theresa Lee in Hong Kong (1996).  Right: Emily Kwan   



                                                                    Theresa Lee


                                                                 1996: Eric Tsang, Theresa Lee on TVB show (Oriental Sunday)

                                           On TVB's Super Trio Show, Theresa reacts to tasting some sour stuff.



                                                              Theresa Lee on a variety show (Oriental Sunday)

                                                                   Theresa Lee's TV appearance in 1996.  



                                                           Theresa Lee and her boyfriend (Oriental Sunday)

                                                                   Theresa Lee joined by her boyfriend.  



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