Sung Poon Chung

                                                                                   Sung Poon Chung 

                                                                               (Song Pun Chong, Soong Poon Chong, Sung Boon Chung)



                                    Sung Poon Chung is nearly always cast as a triad punk kid. Lucky for him, these 

                                                                    kinds of roles are plentiful in Hong Kong.


                                                               Sung Poon Chung Filmography


           Beast Cops

           Gangs 2001
      Girls in the Hood
        Man Wanted 3
          Naked Killer  *
          Passion 1995
   Sex and the Emperor 
   Street Kids Violence
  Young and Dangerous  


                                                                                 * minor part (child)



                                                   Sung Poon Chung Television


Interpol 1997




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