Sun Yueh

                                                                                   Sun Yueh  孫越

                                                                                                                   (Sun Yat, Suen Yuet)              

                   Actor, Humanitarian 

                      Born:  October 6, 1930 


                                    Veteran actor Sun Yueh has worked with a roster of famous directors, from Taiwanese

                                    filmmakers King Hu and Chu Yen Ping to Hong Kong's John Woo, Ringo Lam and 

                                          Sammo Hung. Retired from acting, he now devotes himself to social causes, 

                                      advocating Christianity and speaking publicly about love and kindness in his native 

                                          Taiwan. His charitable efforts have included famine relief, AIDS research, and 

                                                                                   anti-smoking activities. 


                                                                         Sun Yueh Filmography 


1983 Black and White 
1987 City on Fire  
1982 Fantasy Mission Force 
1970 From the Highway          
1984 Happy Island             
1967 Lady in the Tower               
1979 Legend of the Mountain     
1971 Legends of Cheating           
  The Mar's Villa
1989 Money is Lovely     
  Of Cooks and Kung Fu
1983 Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing
1989 Pedicab Driver
1979 Raining in the Mountain    
1985 Seven Foxes
  Tiger Jungle
1985 The Time You Need a Friend
  Twister Kicker




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