Au Kam Tong  

                                                                                          (Stephen Au, Au Gam Tong, Ou Jin Tang)      



                              Stephen Au Kam Tong is a well known ATV actor. He often plays cops in his movie roles.

                             An unabashed worshipper of Bruce Lee, Au is active in promoting his idol and preserving his 

                              legacy in Hong Kong. In 1997, Stephen wrote, directed and starred in a Lee biography set in

                                    1959, What Are You Gonna Do, Sai Fung? Au also talked about Lee in the 1999 

                                                                          documentary Century Hero 


                                                          Stephen Au Kam Tong Filmography



Black Cat in Jail 

2000 The Blood Rules 
1996 Bloody Friday 
1999 Body Weapon 
1999 Century Hero  (documentary)
2004 Dare To Strike 
2000 A Game of No Rule 
1996 The God of Cookery
1996 July 13th 
1997 What Are You Gonna Do, Sai Fung?  (also wr, dir) 
1998 You Light Up My Life



                                            Stephen Au Kam Tong - Theatre Credits



Tonite, We Play Stand-up Comedy



                                                       Stephen Au Kam Tong -TV Credits 


Burning Flames II

Dark Shadow   *
Flaming Brothers
The Noble Conflict
The Pride of Chaozhou
Ten Tigers Of Guangdong


                                                                    * telefilm           



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