Shu Qi (Hsu Chi)              

                                                                                               Shu Qi  Shu Qi  (Hsu Chi)

                                                                                      (Hsu Chi, Shu Kei, Lin Li Hui, Fanny Hsu, Qi Shu)     

                     Actress, Model

                                                                              Born: April 16, 1976- Taiwan


                                      Shu Qi is a lucky woman. One of Hong Kong's busiest actresses, the straight-talking Taiwanese sex bomb

                                               entered the film business through the back door and gained rapid success, making over 40 movies between 

                                               1996 and 2002. Starting out not as an actress, but as a nude model; Shu Qi has achieved what few trained, 

                                                  veteran actors have- winning three Hong Kong Film Awards, Taiwan's prestigious Golden Horse Award,  

                                                  and making her international debut in 2002's The Transporter. From showing her cans, to appearing at

                                                                Cannes, Shu Qi has come a long way.. Click to read Shu Qi's biography & filmography.                                               


                                     Shu Qi (Hsu Chi) (Oriental Daily)          Shu Qi (Hsu Chi) in Beijing Rocks

                                                                                                                                              Shu Qi in Beijing Rocks (2001)


                                                              Shu Qi  (Hsu Chi)  (The Sun)    

                                                                              Shu Qi (aka Hsu Chi)


                                                                Hsu Chi - 'The Island Tales' poster

                                                    Shu Qi on the poster of Stanley Kwan's The Island Tales


                                        Shu Qi naked


                                           Shu Qi and Jason Statham in The Transporter (2002)

                                                      Shu Qi and Jason Statham in The Transporter (2002)



                                                                             Shu Qi in Foliage (2004)



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