Shum Wai

                                                                                    Shum Wai

                                                                                                             (Shen Wai, Sum Wai) 

                                                                                                                           Shum Wai


                                                          Languages: Chinese, English


                                  Since his featured role in Long Arm of the Law, Shum Wai has specialized in playing 

                                                    shrewd, insalubrious characters in dozens of Hong Kong movies.


                                                                     Shum Wai Filmography


              Angel Terminators            

            Beauty Investigator
           Don't Call Me Gigolo
                Dragons Forever
                The Fatal Game
                     Final Run
         Girls Without Tomorrow
 The Good, the Bad and the Bandit 
                Happy Din Don
              Killer's Nocturne
                    Lady Killer
            Long Arm of the Law   
                       Miracles   *
        Police Story III: Supercop
                 Queen's High
             Searching For Love
                  Secret Police
                    Triad Story
               Who's the Crook
                   Yes, Madam      


                                                                      * aka Mr. Canton & Lady Rose



                                                                  Shum Wai -American Films


 The Protector



                                                  Shum Wai -Television Credits


Before Dawn



                                                                   Shum Wai

                                                                 Shum Wai in Girls Without Tomorrow



                                                                Hong Kong Film Awards


                                                             Best Supporting Actor Award- Shum Wai

                                                                         1984    Long Arm of the Law




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