Shaw Yin Yin 򭵭

          Shaw Yin Yin  Shaw Yin Yin (Yum Yum Shaw, Siu Yam Yam)

                                                                                        (Siu Yam Yam, Yum Yum Shaw, Shao Yin Yin) 



                                    Famed erotic star Shaw Yin Yin garnered attention during the 1970's with a glamorous 

                                                         image and her willingness to appear fully nude onscreen. 

                                     Initially a singer, she performed in numerous historical dramas for the Shaw Brothers 

                                studios with renowned directors such as Li Han Xiang and Lui Kei. In 1977 she promoted 

                                  one of her films at the Cannes film festival, leading to offers from America, an unheard of 

                                                                          feat for a Chinese star of adult films.


                                   Her offscreen exploits have also been noteworthy. In 1996 her godson was sentenced to 

                                   two years prison time for slashing a friend's face in her home, and in 1999 she seriously

                                  injured her own face in a home accident. She has also made news for admitting to plastic 

                                                   surgery and was even a suspect in a jewel smuggling investigation.  

                                        Today Shaw Yin Yin still appears occasionally in films and public events. She is 

                                     interviewed at length in the award winning documentary Women's Private Parts and 

                                             is on the executive committee of the Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild.    


                                    In August 2002, Shaw Yin Yin attended the memorial service for another erotic actress,

                                   Pauline Chan Bo Lin. After Leslie Cheung's suicide in 2003, she angrily criticized the  

                                     show business community for not doing more to prevent the tragedy. She said that his 

                                     good friends, such as Brigitte Lin and Anita Mui, should have alerted the HKPAG of  

                                      his problems, instead of learning of them after the fact as in the case of Pauline Chan. 

                                 Shaw Yin Yin made news again in 2004 when she donated ancient Chinese relics including  

                                          a book of valuable imperial seals from a Qing dynasty emperor to a museum.                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Shaw Yin Yin Filmography 

                                                                                       Shaw Yin Yin (Yum Yum Shaw, Siu Yam Yam)


Mutiny on the High Sea           

1975 Don't Call Me Uncle
1975 No End of Surprises                
1976 Oriental Playgirls                  
1976 I Want More                          

The Simple-Minded Fellow     

1976 Love Swindlers                        
1976 Girls For Sale                        
1976 Big Bad Sis                             
1977 Moods of Love                         
1977 Return of the Con Men         
1977 Mysterious Lady Killer          
1977 The Deadly Angels                 
1977 The Romantic Scholar            
1977 Murder On the Wedding Night   
1977 Negotiation                                    
1977 Warning For the Young             
1977 The Lady Killer                        
1977 To Kill a Jaguar                     
1977 Starlets For Sale                    
1977 Last Strike   1                     
1977 The Chinatown Kid               
1977 The Mad Monk                
1978 The Vengeful Beauty             
1978 Delinquent Teenagers            
1978 Black Society                        
1978 Sensual Pleasures                 
1979 The Scandalous Warlord         
1979 Naughty Scandals                  
1980 A Haunted House                    
1980 The Stud and the Nymphs          
1981 Sexy Career Girls                      
1981 Notorious Eight                          
1982 Green Killer   (cameo)                    
1982 Passing Flickers                        
1982 Human Lanterns  (Human Skin Lanterns)
1982 Buddha's Palm                       
1983 Tales of a Eunuch                       
1983 Top Fit                                       
1990 Gangland Odyssey   
1993 Forbidden Love                        
1993 Love Chaser                    
1993 Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday
1994 The Romance of the Vampires
2001 You Shoot, I Shoot   
2001 Women's Private Parts   2 
2003 Eternal Flame of Fatal Attraction

Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat


                                                          1 aka Kung Fu Avengers, aka Soul Brothers of Kung Fu 

                                                          2 interviewed in documentary about women



                                                       Shaw Yin Yin -TV Credits

                                                                                       Shaw Yin Yin (Yum Yum Shaw, Siu Yam Yam)


Heaven's Gate   (ATV) 



                                                                           Shaw Yin Yin aka Siu Yam Yam



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