Shawn Yu Man Lok (Shawn Yue)          

                                                                                    Shawn Yu  Shawn Yu Man Lok

                                                                                              (Yu Man Lok, Yue Man Lok, Shawn Yue)  

                        Actor, Singer   

                  Born: November 13, 1981


                                     A former model, Shawn Yu Man Lok rose to attention in the hit Taiwanese TV series 

                                   Tomorrow, which was a remake of a Japanese series. His Hong Kong filmography has 

                                   rapidly multiplied since 2002, appearing in the smash crime picture Infernal Affairs, as

                                       the young Tony Leung Chiu Wai, with Twins in Just One Look, and co-starring 

                                      with Michael Wong in the action picture The New Option. He has also released a

                                       pictorial photo album which caused some controversy for containing Nazi imagery.


                                                              Shawn Yu Man-Lok Filmography

                                                                                        Shawn Yu Man Lok


Leaving in Sorrow        

2002 Just One Look 
2002 The New Option
2002 Infernal Affairs 
2003 My Lucky Star   (cameo)
2003 Diva Ah Hey  
2003 Feel 100% 2003 
2003 1:99  *
2003 Infernal Affairs II 
2003 Hidden Track
2004 In-laws, Out-laws
2004 Jiang Hu  
2004 Love is a Many Stupid Thing
2004 Super Model   (cameo)
2005 Colour of the Loyalty
2005 Initial D


                                                          * short film for HK government sponsored SARS relief



                                                         Shawn Yu- Chinese Films

                                                                                          Shawn Yu Man Lok


Deng Xiaoping in 1928        



                                                                    Shawn Yu-TV Credits 

                                                                                         Shawn Yu Man Lok





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