Sato Keiji

                                                                                    Sato Keiji  

                                                                                                                     (K.G. Sato) 


                           Height:  6 '


                                  Sato Keiji is a Japanese actor based in Hong Kong. His first HK film role was also his

                                     largest to date; the main villain in the Jet Li action-comedy Hitman (1998). He later 

                                                          appeared in small roles in four Milkway Image films. 


                                                                    Sato Keiji Filmography




1998 Expect the Unexpected 
1998 A Hero Never Dies
1999 Gen-X Cops   (c) 
1999 The Mission 
2001 Love on a Diet   (c)


                                                                                    c = cameo




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