Wong Ming Sing           

                                                                                 Wong Ming Sing

                                                                                                                         (Sam Wong)

                                                                       Action Chorographer, Actor


                                  Sam Wong Ming Sing has worked as a choreographer independently and with Jackie 

                                   Chan's Stunt Team. In Angel of the Road, he played Max Mok's best friend, and in  

                                     Police Story III: Supercop, he was the young cadet who sparred Jackie Chan in

                                                                           a Mainland military training center.


                                                                 Wong Ming Sing Filmography



Angel of the Road

1993 City Hunter
1990 The Dragon From Russia 
2003 Give Them a Chance   (co-dance choreographer, co-exec. pr)  
2001 Killing End   (ac) 
1992 Night Life Hero
1993 Police Story III: Supercop  (also co-ac) 
1993 Project S
1990 Shanghai Shanghai
1995 Thunderbolt
1990 Unmatchable Match  (ac) 


                                                                           ac = action choreographer




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