Aces Go Places IV 1988 I Love Maria 1988 The Diary of a Big Man 1989 The Killer 1991 The Banquet   (cameo) 1991 Sisters of the World Unite


                                                                            1  Chinese version only



                                                    Sally Yeh -Movie Theme Songs

                                                                                         Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man)

A Chinese Ghost Story  

The Diary of a Big Man
The Killer
Last Romance
Peking Opera Blues



                                                               Sally Yeh -Duets

                                                                                         Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man)

Albert Au

Kenny Bee
Danny Chan
Jackie Chan
Sammi Cheng
Chow Yun Fat
James Ingram
George Lam
Andy Lau
Tommy Page
Alex To



                                                                          Sally Yeh - TV Credits

                                                                                         Sally Yip (Yip Sin Man)

Under One Roof  * 


                                                                       * guest appearance (Singapore)



                                                          Sally Yeh -TVB Themes

                                                                                         Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man)

A Tough Side of a Lady



                                                                Hong Kong Film Awards


                                                                     Best Actress Nomination- Sally Yeh

                                                                           1986    Peking Opera Blues 


                                                              Best Original Song Nomination- Sally Yeh

                                                                           1988    The Diary of a Big Man


                                                                   Best Original Song Award- Sally Yeh

                                                                           1987    A Chinese Ghost Story       



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