Roy Horan

                                                                                            Roy Horan    

             Actor, Producer, Instructor


                                     Roy Horan was an executive with Seasonal Films Corporation in the 1970's, and not

                                    only marketed the company's martial arts films but acted in several of the them as well.

                                In 1978 he played a bad guy posing as a Russian missionary in Jackie Chan's breakthrough 

                                film, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. His largest role was as Lewis, a raw meat eating villain

                                                                    in Golden Harvest's Tower of Death


                                            These days Roy Horan teaches digital media technology at The Hong Kong 

                                                                                Polytechnic University.


                                                                       Roy Horan Filmography



Bruce Lee's Secret   (Story of the Dragon)

1977 Snuff-Bottle Connection
1978 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow                              
1980 Ring of Death                  
1981 Tower of Death   (Game of Death II) 
1981 The Art of High-Impact Kicking   *
1989 No Retreat, No Surrender II   (USA) (also co-writer, producer)
1992 Shanghai 1920


                                        * writer, co-producer, and director of instructional video starring Hwang Jang Lee



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