pan> film in the history of Hong Kong cinema to employ smell technology

                              for theatre audiences, who were exposed to flowery scents during key scenes in the film.


                               Just One Look (2002) is a nostalgic 60's era youth drama starring Shawn Yu, Wong Yau 

                              Nam and Twins' Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi which pays homage to Yip's childhood 

                                                                         and classic Hong Kong cinema.


                              Aromatherapy figures again in Riley Yip's 2004 release Elixir of Love, which stars Miriam 

                             Yeung and Richie Ren as a pair in search of a precious perfume in turn of the century China.


                                                                     Riley Yip Filmography

                                                                                       Riley Yip Kam Hung


Love is Not a Game, But a Joke   (co-wr, dir)   

1999 Metade Fumaca   (wr, dir)  1  
2000 Lavender   (wr, dir)  
2002 Just One Look   (wr, dir)  
2004 Elixir of Love   (wr, dir)  


                                                                           1  aka Half Smoked



                                           Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                          Riley Yip Kam Hung              

                                                   Best Screenplay Nominations- Riley Yip Kam Hung

                                                                            1999     Metade Fumaca



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