Pai Ping  白冰        

                                                                                                       (Regina Pai, Bai Bing, Pak Ping)          



                                 The beautiful Regina Pai Ping had a successful career as an actress in the 1960's. She

                              appeared in both M.P & G.I (Cathay) and Shaw Brothers dramas and musicals. In May 1964 

                              she went to Japan to act in the movie "Happy Go-Lucky Goes To Macao", a joint production 

                                                    of Toho Film Co. and MP & G I. She retired in the early 1970's.


                                                                Regina Pai Ping Filmography 


1962 Dream of the Red Chamber
1963 Darling Island 
1963 Miss Bus 
1963 Revenge for Her Father  
1964 An Affair to Remember  
1964 The Imperial Lady 
1965 Fairy, Ghost, Vixen 
1966 Seventh Heaven        
1967 Isle of Gold 
1969 Gunfight at Lo Ma Lake         
1970 Young Flying Hero




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