Regina Kent              

                                                                                       Regina Kent



                                 The late Regina Kent played appealing supporting roles in Hong Kong films during their 

                                       peak period in the mid 1980's-early 90's, offering an uncommon Eurasian look.

                                          Her best known film appearances are in Jackie Chan's Project A II (1987)

                                     Legacy of Rage (1986) as the love interest of Brandon Lee, the John Woo classic 

                                A Better Tomorrow II, and the girl-powered action comedy The Inspector Wears Skirts.

                                             Her passing in 1999 due to brain cancer was an unexpected tragedy. 

                                                                     Regina Kent Filmography



A Better Tomorrow II 

1990 Gangland Odyssey  
  The Inspector Wears Skirts
  The Inspector Wears Skirts II
1985 Journey of the Doomed
1986 Legacy of Rage
1989 Miracles   (c)
1987 Project A II
  Vampire vs. Vampire


                                                                                      c = cameo


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