Race Wong Yuen Ling - 2R

                                                                             Race Wong   Race Wong Yuen Ling

                                                                                                                (Wong Yuen Ling) 

                      Singer, Actress 

                 Born: September 7, 1982 


                                     Photogenic Hong Kong pop duo 2R released their debut EP, Two of Us, in 2003. 

                                   The sisters, Malaysian born and Singapore bred Race Wong Yuen Ling and elder 

                                                        sibling Rosanne Wong, quickly became youth idols.


                                 Race Wong got noticed early on in a beer commercial with HK star Stephen Chow, and 

                               was later cast in the TVB youth series Hearts of Fencing. She and Rosanne later appeared

                                                  in Wong Jing's 2004 comedy Love is a Many Stupid Thing.


                                   Race stars with her sister in Oxide Pang's psychological thriller Ab-normal Beauty,

                                          playing schizophrenic photography student Jiney. In 2005, she starred in  

                                                                     Dennis Law's The Unusual Youth.


                                                                   Race Wong Filmography

                                                                                       Race Wong Yuen Ling


Love is a Many Stupid Thing

2004 Ab-normal Beauty
2005 The Unusual Youth  
2005 Moments of Love
2005 The China's Next Top Princess



                                                        Race Wong - TV Credits 

                                                                                       Race Wong Yuen Ling


Hearts of Fencing



                                           Race (left) and Rosanne in ABNORMAL BEAUTY



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