Pinky Cheung Man Chi              

                                                                           Pinky Cheung  Pinky Cheung Man Chi

                                                                                             (Cheung Man Chi, Cheung Man Tze)              

                    Actress, Model

                                                       Born: September 30th    Height: 5'6    Weight: 105 lbs 

                                                                           Languages: Chinese, Japanese


                                         It was probably inevitable that Pinky Cheung would become a sex symbol. 

                                After competing in the 1996 Miss Asia pageant, Pinky signed on with ATV and began her 

                                acting career. Making no secret of her intention to make as much money as possible to 

                                    secure her future, Pinky quickly became the premier female exploitation movie star

                                                                                        in Hong Kong. 

                                                                         Pinky Cheung Man Chi

                                Horror films and thrillers have been Pinky Cheung's bread and butter. While virtually none 

                                     of her films could be considered classics, her celebrity rose quickly nonetheless. 

                                  Advertisers for female and beauty products are eager to have Pinky Cheung promote 

                                  them, while her face graces the cover of many entertainment magazines. Pinky has 

                                      established herself in Hong Kong entertainment. Which direction her career takes

                                                                                from here is in her hands.


                                                                 Pinky Cheung Filmography

                                                                                        Pinky Cheung Man Chi


Chinese Midnight Express

2003 Colour of the Truth
  The Dark Rose
2001 Dark War
2001 Dead End
2002 Devil Touch
1999 Erotic Nightmare
2001 Everyday Is Valentine
1999 Fourteen Days Before Suicide
2003 Good Times, Bed Times
1991 The Great Pretenders
  How To Get Rich By Fung Shui
2000 Healing Hearts
1999 Horoscope 1: The Voice From Hell
2000 Horoscope II: The Woman From Hell
  Last Ghost Standing
  Love Cruise
  Mr. Wai-Go
2003 My Troublesome Buddy
1999 Night Club
2000 Paramount Motel
1998 Raped By An Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive
2000 Raped By An Angel 5: The Final Judgement
  The Temptation of Office Ladies
2000 Treasure Hunter
  Troublesome Night 10
  Violent Cop
2002 Women From Mars   
  X Imp 


                                                                                       c = cameo



                                                        Pinky Cheung -Television Credits 

                                                                                       Pinky Cheung Man Chi

Flaming Brothers    

Healing Hearts
A Lawyer Can Be Good
My Date With a Vampire
My Date With a Vampire 2
Showbiz Tycoon




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