Pat Ha Man Chik (Patricia Ha)              

                                                                                          Pat Ha  Pat Ha Man Chik (Patricia Ha)

                                                                                   (Ha Man Chik, Ha Man Jik, Xia Wen Xi, Patricia Ha)  



                               Pat Ha proved herself equally adept at playing tough and fragile women for most of the 1980's.

                                Emerging in the New Wave era and recognized with a Hong Kong Film Award nomination for 

                                  Best New Performer in Nomad, she soon became a leading actress in a range of genres.


                                Pat's roles include her guest star turn as James Tien's daughter in Winners and Sinners

                                     (1983), Chow Yun Fat's competing love interest in The Last Affair (1983), Alex Man's

                               romantic partner in An Amorous Woman of the Tang Dynasty  (1984) & Let's Have a Baby,

                               (1985), and the main character in Shaw Brothers' prostitute drama My Name Ain't Suzie (1985).


                                Pat Ha stood out in two films from 1988- the victimized pregnant prison inmate in Women's 

                                  Prison, and the cold, efficient killer opposite Yuen Biao in the crime thriller On the Run

                                  Her filmography was rounded out with supporting roles in 80's HK comedies. In 2002, she

                                  reappeared in film for the first time in a over a decade, playing Angelica Lee's mother in

                                                                 the Sylvia Chang directed drama Princess-D.


                                                                         Pat Ha Filmography

                                                                                        Pat Ha Man Chik (Patricia Ha)


An Amorous Woman of the Tang Dynasty

  Carry on Hotel
  City Hero
  Flag of Honour
  Flaming Brothers
1985 The Flying Mr. B
  Ghost Fever
  Happy Bigamist
  I Am Sorry
  Killer's Nocturne
1983 The Last Affair
1985 Let's Have a Baby
  Life is a Moment 
1985 My Name Ain't Suzie
  Night Caller
1982 Nomad
1988 On the Run  
  One Husband Too Many
2002 Princess-D  
  Profile in Anger
1988 Rouge of the North   (TAIWAN)
  Sister Cupid
  Tong Chee Yi Li Nan
  Vengeance is Mine
  Winners and Sinners      
  Woman of Wrath
1988 Women's Prison   



                                                              Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                         Pat Ha Man Chik (Patricia Ha)

                                                            Best New Performer Nomination- Pat Ha

                                                                             1982     Nomad


                                                                 Best Actress Nominations- Pat Ha

                                                                             1985     My Name Ain't Suzie



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