Parkman Wong Pak Man              

                                                                                        Parkman Wong 

                                                                                                     (Wong Pak Man, Wang Pai Wen)         

             Actor, Producer, Director


                                    Parkman Wong was a seaman for seven years before graduating from TVB's sixth 

                                  acting class. Entering films as an actor, his resemblance with Alexander Fu Sheng 

                                     sometimes led to confusion between the two stars. Yet while acting in crime films 

                                       and urban dramas, Wong became active behind the camera as well, sometimes

                                    filming multiple movies simultaneously as both an actor and an assistant director or 

                                  producer. A working relationship as filmmaker and actor with Danny Lee began in the 

                                                  mid 1980's and continues to this day in film and television projects.


                                                                  Parkman Wong Filmography



Asian Connection          

  City Cop  
  Dr. Lamb  (also cp)
  Fearless Match
  The Fortune Code
1989 Just Heroes
  Juvenile Delinquency
  The Killer
  The Law Enforcer     
  Legend of the Dragon  (ap)
  Lung Fung Restaurant
1995 Man Wanted
  Men From the Gutter
  The Night Rider  (cp)
  One Way Only
  Operation Billionaires
  Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
1995 Twist
  Unmatchable Match  (d, cw)
  Water Tank Murder Mystery 


                                                                      d = director         cw = co-writer

                                                           cp = co-producer       ap = associate producer   




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