Ou Yang Sha Fei

                                                                     Ou Yang Sha Fei  Ou Yang Sha Fei (Ouyang Shafei)

                                                                        (Ouyang Shafei, Ouyang Sha-fei, O-Yang Sha Fei, Au Yang Sha-fei)  



                                  Glamorous leading lady Ou Yang Sha Fei was a huge star in 1950's Hong Kong cinema.

                                   She began her career in the 1940's at the age of 16. After starring in dozens of films, she 

                                  stopped working for nearly two years following her divorce from her film producer husband in

                               1953. Resuming her career, Ouyang Shafei later acted in many Shaw Brothers films, including

                                   the epic The 14 Amazons, which depicted the legendary 14 women warriors who helped

                                                                        the Sung army defeat foreign invaders.


                               Shafei also appeared in a number of independently produced kung fu movies, including a role as

                                  matriarch of her clan and the mother of Jackie Chan and Nora Miao in Dragon Fist (1979).

                                 She also has the distinction of having acted in a few of the rougher Hong Kong horror movies,

                                                             such as Calamity of Snake and Seeding of a Ghost.


                                           In 1990 Ou Yang Sha Fei had a supporting role as Nina Li Chi's extravagant 

                                         grandmother in the Chow Yun Fat comedy The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon


                                                                 Ou Yang Sha Fei Filmography 

                                                                                       Ou Yang Sha Fei (Ouyang Shafei)

1972 The 14 Amazons
1952 Always in My Heart
1970 Apartment For Ladies 
1978 The Avenging Eagle
1975 Bald Headed Betty
1976 The Big Family   (Last Challenge of the Dragon)
1975 Black Alice
1966 The Blue and the Black
1964 Calamity of Snake 
1978 Clan of Amazons
196? The Comedy of Mismatches
1960 Death Traps
1952 Demon of Lust
1960 Devotion
1952 Don't Tell My Husband
1970 Double Bliss
1979 Dragon Fist     
1977 The Dream of the Red Chamber
1977 The Fatal Flying Guillotine
1972 The Fugitive
1990 The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon
1967 The Goddess of Mercy
1978 Heroes of the East
1974 Hong Kong 73
1973 The House of 72 Tenants
1965 Inside The Forbidden City 
1969 Killers Five
1982 Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave
1984 Law With Two Phases
1972 The Lizard
1971 The Long Years
1964 The Mermaid
1972 The Merry Wife
1969 A Place to Call Home
1952 Portrait of a Lady   (aka Rich Men Hunting)
1967 Rainbow
1974 The Rat Catcher
1970 Raw Courage
1973 River of Fury
1951 Road to Success
1983 Seeding of a Ghost   
197? Shaolin Deadly Kicks
1974 Sorrow of the Gentry
1979 The Shadow Boxing  (The Spiritual Boxer Part II)
1971 Sunset
1967 Swan Song
1967 Sweet is Revenge
1968 That Fiery Girl 
1978 Three Minutes Pat Nine   (TAIWAN)
1950 To See the Clous Roll
1967 Too Late for Love
1969 Torrents of Desire
1960 Tragic Melody
1976 The Web of Death
1968 When the Clouds Roll By
1970 Whose Baby Is in the Classroom? 
1985 Why Me?




                                                    Ouyang Shafei (seated) in the 1960 thriller Death Traps.



                                                                      Ou Yang Sha Fei

                                                              Ou Yang Sha Fei as one of The 14 Amazons.



                                                 Ou Yang Sha Fei with Nora Miao and Jackie Chan

                                                      With Nora Miao and Jackie Chan in Lo Wei's Dragon Fist.



                                                 Ou Yang Sha Fei in The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon

                                                   Ou Yang Sha Fei (left): The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon.



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