Mondi Yau Yuet Ching              

                                                                                  Mondi Yau Mondi Yau Yuet Ching

                                                                                     (Yau Yuet Ching, Yao Yuet Ching, Dorothy Yau)  



                                   Former 1987 Miss Asia Mondi Yau Yuet Ching specialized in Category III sex films.

                               From the early to mid 1990's, she was one of the better known second tier adult actresses, 

                                   and also appeared in action, horror, comedies and dramatic films. Some of these are 

                             Avenging Trio, with Leung Kar Yan and Gordon Liu, The Chinese Ghostbuster with Wu

                                    Ma, Friday Gigolo  with Simon Yam, and Ghost Punting with Sammo Hung


                                   After years of relative obscurity, Mondi Yau recently returned to the scene in some new

                                                                      low profile erotic productions.


                                                         Mondi Yau Yuet Ching Filmography

                                                                                         Mondi Yau Yuet Ching


Avenging Trio

  The Chinese Ghostbuster
  Come From China
1992 Friday Gigolo
1992 Ghost Punting
  Her Judgement Day
  I Love Miss Fox
1989 Miracles   (c)
1990 My Neighbors Are Phantoms
1991 Pretty Woman
  The Romance of the Vampires
  Temptation of the Spiritual World
1990 Temptation Summary
2003 True Love
  Who's My Father?


                                                                                     c = cameo




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