Maggie Q

                                                                                       Maggie Q

              (Maggie Quigley, Margaret Denise Quigley)                    

                      Model, Actress

                                                                              Born: May 22, 1979, Hawaii


                                   Raised in Hawaii, Maggie Q came to Hong Kong and emerged as one of the top models. 

                                     Her prominence on fashion runways, commercials for print and television, pictorials, a

                                     former relationship with actor Daniel Wu as well as other rumoured affairs have made

                                        her a regular media figure in Hong Kong. Being half Vietnamese and half American,

                                        Maggie's mixed looks are especially popular with advertisers seeking to market to  

                                                                       a broader, more international clientele.

                                      Already a 'star', acting was an inevitable next step for Maggie Q, signing with Willie 

                                     Chan's management, who also represents Jackie Chan and former beau Daniel Wu.           


                                     In 2000 Maggie made the unsuccessful low budget horror film Model From Hell with 

                                                         Simon Yam, playing the title character in her movie debut.

                                   The same year she played an FBI agent in Media Asia's blockbuster Gen-Y Cops, a big 

                                                              budget action film aimed at the international market.


                                    In 2001 she completed Alfred Cheung's Manhattan Midnight. Filmed in America, the 

                                            film is notable for being shot entirely with digital technology and for featuring

                                                                        Maggie Q's dual role as twin sisters.  

                                          In 2002 Maggie Q co-starred with Anya as trained assassins in Wong Jing's

                                                               Naked Weapon, a spin-off of 1992's Naked Killer

                                          Maggie co-stars with Tom Cruise in the 2006 action film Mission Impossible 3.


                                                                          Maggie Q Filmography 


2000  Model From Hell
2000  Gen-Y Cops   
2001 Manhattan Midnight
2001 Rush Hour 2   (USA)  (brief cameo)  
2002 Naked Weapon 
2003 All Hallow's Eve   (British play) 
2003 The Trouble Makers  
2004 Magic Kitchen  
2004 Around the World in 80 Days   (USA)  (cameo)
2004 Rice Rhapsody   (HK/Singapore) 
2005 Taped
2005 Dragon Squad
2006 The Counting House   (HK/Italy)
2006 Mission Impossible 3  (USA) 
2007 Live Free or Die Hard  (USA) 
2007 Balls of Fury  (USA) 




                                                                           Maggie Q -TV Credits


1998 House of the Dragon
2005 House of Harmony  (Singapore/Germany) 



                                                                           Maggie Q and Daniel Wu in Naked Weapon promotional photo



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