Louie Castro (Ka Si Lok)   

                                                               Louie Castro  賈思樂

                                                                                                                   (Ka Si Lok, Ga Si Lok)


                                Born: 1957


                               The career of singer Louie Castro, who specializes in English pop songs, began in the 1970's. 

                               In 1977, he co-starred with Tien Niu in the Taiwanese musical The Lovely Neighbor. He was 

                                featured in the 1982 youth drama Energetic 21 (co-starring singing peers Leslie Cheung and 

                                         Rowena Cortes) as a shy young man who goes crazy after he and his buddies

                                                                               accidentally kill a foreigner.

                              Castro later became a DJ for Metro Radio Broadcast, and has interviewed local celebrities such

                                as his good friend Idy Chan Luk Yin, with whom he acted in the 1990 ATV series Yesterday, 

                                 Today & Tomorrow. He still performs and works as a master of ceremonies for various Hong 

                                  Kong cultural and business events, and in 2006, he played a supporting role in Media Asia's 

                                                             2 Become 1 with Miriam Yeung and Richie Ren.


                                                                     Louie Castro Filmography



Star Wonderfun 

1977 The Lovely Neighbor (TAIWAN)
1982 Energetic 21 
1985 Untouchably Yours
2006 2 Become 1 



                                                                Louie Castro


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