Lot Sze Kai Keung

                                                           Sze Kai Keung  施介強

                                                                                            (Lot Sze, Shi Chieh Chiang, Si Kai Keung)     

                                                                                                          Actor, Radio Host    

                                                                                Born: September 23rd 


                               Lot Sze Kai Keung has been a part of the Hong Kong entertainment scene for over 20 years.

                               In the early 1980's a bearded Sze appeared in many comedies, such as Aces Go Places and 

                                                                                 the "Happy Ghost" films.


                               By the 1990's, Sze (nicknamed "Fat Shi") began a Laurel and Hardy style screen partnership 

                                                                       with tall, gangly actor Che Biu Law

                                  A student of kung fu and appreciator of Bruce Lee, Lot Sze has directed two Bruce Lee

                                               documentaries- Century Hero (1999) and Dragon Since 1973 (2003)

                                           Lot Sze also hosts the film focused radio show "Movie Universe" for RTHK. 


                                                              Lot Sze Kai Keung Filmography



Aces Go Places

1989 All About Ah-Long
1989 All Night Long
1981 All the Wrong Clues... (For the Right Solution)
1997 All's Well Ends Well '97
2002 Angels Model
1994 Beginner's Luck
1993 The Black Panther Warriors
1995 Bomb Lover
1992 Cageman
1999 Century Hero   (director)
2001 Clueless
1994 Crazy Women  
1984 Double Trouble 
1994 Doug's Choice
2003 Dragon Since 1973  (director) 
1993 Fatal Love
2000 Gangs 2001
1986 Happy Ghost III
1982 He Lives By Night   (cameo)
1995 Husband & Wife
2000 IQ Dudettes 
1982 It Takes Two
1992 Justice, My Foot!
1998 A Killer's Expiry Date
1994 Kung Fu Mistress
1999 The Lord of Amusement
2003 Love Paradox
1992 Lover's Tear
1992 Lucky Encounter
2000 Mafia.com
1984 Merry Christmas 
1993 My Hero II
1983 The Perfect Wife
2000 Phantom Call
1994 Rock n' Roll Cop
1986 Rosa   (cameo)
1996 Stooge, My Love
1999 Stupid     
1990 To Spy With Love
1998 Tales in the Wind
1992 What a Hero!
1999 What are You Gonna Do, Sai Fung?



                                                 Century Hero directed by Lot Sze   Dragon Since 1973 directed by Lot Sze



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