Lo Fan

                                                                                          Lo Fan

                                                                                                                   (Lo Fen, Liu Fan)  



                                    Lo Fan was the vicious bully who terrorized her fellow inmates (Do Do Cheng, Pat Ha,

                                   Fung Bo Bo, etc.) in Women Prison (1988), one of the regulars at Rosamund Kwan's  

                                     lesbian hangout in Gigolo and Whore II, the wild gang leader in Johnny Mak's The 

                                   Train Robbers (1995) opposite Ray Lui, and the loud, gluttonous cop in Andrew Lau's

                                                                         1996 triad farce Street Angels.


                                                                           Lo Fan Filmography 



Women Prison 

1989 The Wild Ones
1990 Doctor's Heart
1992 Gigolo and Whore II
1995 Peace Hotel
1995 The Train Robbers
1996 Street Angels
2001 Shadow




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