Lily Chung Suk Wai              

                                                                                 Lily Chung   Lily Chung Suk Wai

                                                                                                  (Chung Suk Wai, Chung Shuk Wai


                                                                        Height: 5'6"      Weight:  118 lbs.


                                   Lily Chung is basically a 'low budget' actress, but not a low talent one. Anyone who

                                        has witnessed her portrayal of a mentally challenged teenager in Billy Tang's 

                                    Red To Kill (1994), will remember her affecting dramatic performance; all the more 

                                      unusual for being contained within one of the most hardcore Category III films in

                                         Hong Kong's history. Lily's co-star in that film, Ben Ng, has acted with her in 

                                       seemingly half of her movies- horror, thrillers, action and Category IIB-III product 

                                                               that have defined her unconventional career.

                                   Lily Chung's signature film is Daughter of Darkness, where she played the sexually 

                                  abused stepdaughter of a raving alcoholic psycho. Her lover in this film was her other 

                                  most frequent leading man (and real life husband) Hugo Ng, with whom she has a son. 

                                   Like other films in which she has played, Daughter of Darkness shows Lily Chung

                                        in fully nude, graphic sex scenes; while still somehow managing to project a 

                                                                        sympathetic, girl next door persona.


                                  Lily Chung began her career with TVB as a beauty pageant contestant, and became an 

                                  actress with the network until 1993, after her dismissal for working on outside projects 

                                 without their consent. Then she went the Category III route where she found her niche in

                                a series of exploitation films. After marriage and motherhood, Lily attempted to quit show

                                    biz and run a small business. When that proved unprofitable, she returned to acting 

                                  after a 2 year absence and has continued ever since. In 2001 Lily nearly drowned while 

                                performing a stunt for a movie in the Philippines and had to be rescued by actor Ken Wong.

                                                                                       She's OK now.


                                                                     Lily Chung Filmography

                                                                                       Lily Chung Suk Wai


An Evil Lover 

  Be Out of Control 
  Blood Vow
1993 The Bride With White Hair 2
  Brother of Darkness
  Daughter of Darkness         
  Deadly Past
1995 The Eternal Evil of Asia       
  Fatal Encounter
  Fatal Obsession
  Ghost Hole
  Husband & Wife
  Killing Skill
  Legend of Wind
  Millenium Dragon
  The Modern Love
  No Time For Two
  OCTB Case- The Floating Body
  Payment in Blood
  The Princess of Huan Zhi
  Pursuit of a Killer
1994 Red To Kill
  Sexy and Dangerous
  Shadow Mask
  Spy Gear
  A Step To Heaven
  The Wild Couple
  The Woman Behind



                                                       Lily Chung Suk Wai 

                                             Lily Chung in one of the lighter moments of Daughter of Darkness


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