nbsp;        1977 Bed For Day, Bed For Night                     1977 The Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung    197? The Phantom Kung Fu                              1978 Naked Comes the Huntress                  1978 Love of the White Snake                           1978 The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung        1978 Spiritual Kung Fu                              1978 Snaky Knight Fight Against Mantis   1 1979 The Fearless Hyena                             1979 The Ghost Story                                          197? Of Cooks and Kung Fu                             1980 The Thundering Mantis                              1980 Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty          1980 Rebellious Reign                                        198? Eagle's Claw and Butterfly Palm              1981 Revenge of the Corpse                             1982 Fantasy Mission Force                             1982 The Emperor and the Minister               1983 A Fistful of Talons                                     1984 Drunken Tai Chi                                       1999 Century Hero   * 2003 Dragon Since 1973   *


                                                       *  interviewed in Bruce Lee documentary / retrospectives

                                                       1  aka Snake in the Eagle's Shadow Part II



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