Leung Kar Yan

                                                                         Leung Kar Yan   Bryan Leung Kar Yan 

                                                                                          (Leung Ka Yan, Liang Chia Ren, Bryan Leung)     

                                                                    Actor, Director   


                                         Leung Kar Yan's entry into movies was unorthodox to say the least- he merely

                                       hung around film sets and was offered a part. Even more unusual was his rise to 

                                    leading man in kung fu films despite never having trained in martial arts. He worked with

                                  many of the best martial arts directors of his day, including Chang Cheh, Sammo Hung

                                       and Yuen Woo Ping, before merging into comedy and modern action films in the

                                                      80's and 90's with the likes of Stephen Chow and Danny Lee.


                                       Forming his own production company, Leung Kar Yan became a filmmaker himself.

                                      Though his few directorial efforts have made little impact, his performances in classic          

                                        kung fu movies easily qualify him as one of the most important actors of the genre.              


                                                                    Leung Kar Yan Filmography 

                                                                                         Bryan Leung Kar Yan

1989 Avenging Trio     
1991 The Banquet   (cameo)     
1993 Bogus Cops    (also wr, dir)
1976 Boxer Rebellion
2004 Bust Family
1979 Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
2000 Cold War   (cameo, s, dir)
1993 Crystal Hunt   (cameo)  
1985 Danger Has Two Faces
2001 Dark War
1997 The Death Games
2000 Death Net   
1981 Dreadnaught
1978 Enter the Fat Dragon
1980 Fearless Dragons
1993 Fight Back To School III
1974 Five Masters of Death
1993 Flirting Scholar
1991 The Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues
1979 His Name is Nobody
1985 Hong Kong Godfather
1977 The Iron Monkey
1992 Justice, My Foot!
1989 Killer Angels
1979 Knockabout
1993 Kung Fu Cult Master
1994 The Kung Fu Scholar
1991 The Last Blood   
1993 Last Hero in China
1982 Legend of a Fighter
1977 The Legend of All Men Are Brothers
1991 Legend of the Dragon
2005 Legend of the Dragon
1975 Marco Polo
1982 The Miracle Fighters
1990 My Hero   (also dir)
1978 My Life's on the Line
1984 New Tales of the Flying Fox
1979 Odd Couple
1983 The Pier
1982 The Postman Fights Back
1983 Profile in Anger   (also co-ac, co-wr and dir) 1
1991 Red Shield
1984 Secret Service of the Imperial Court
1976 Shaolin Avengers
1974 Shaolin Martial Arts
1992 The Shootout
1980 The Sleeping Fist 
2003 The Story of Long
1985 This Man is Dangerous
1980 The Thundering Mantis
1988 Tiger Cage 
2003 A Tragic Room
1985 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars  (cameo)
1993 Vampire Family
1980 The Victim       
1978 Warriors Two
1978 The Ways of Kung Fu


                                                                          s =  supervisor     wr =  writer  

                                                               ac = action choreographer      dir = director           

                                                                         1 = aka Fight Spirit of Hero



                                                              Leung Kar Yan -Television Credits

                                                                                        Bryan Leung Kar Yan

All Men Are Brothers   
Asian Heroes
Food of Love
Innocently Guilty
It Runs in the Family
Love in Shanghai
The Return of the Condor Heroes
Taming of the Princess
Thunder Cops
War of the Dragon
Wong Fei Hung



                                                                  Leung Kar Yan -Documentaries         

                                                                                        Bryan Leung Kar Yan

Bruce Lee: The Legend   1
Top Fighter   2


                                                                    1  appears in documentary working out 

                                                                    2  interviewed in documentary



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