Lee Ann D'Alexandry d'Orengiani     

                                                            Lee Ann D'Alexandry d'Orengiani

                                                                                                      (Lee Ann, Lee Ann D'Alexandry) 

                                                                                             Model, Actress

                                                                       Born:  September 23, 1980, Singapore

                                                                Height:  5'7"       Languages:  French, English


                                     New faces are being sought all the time in Hong Kong. For French-Chinese beauty

                                          Lee Ann D'Alexandry d'Orengiani, getting noticed in a music video with 

                                   Leon Lai was all it took to wind up acting in a movie with him. The Singapore based

                                  teen model debuted in Wong Jing's romantic comedy Love Generation Hong Kong

                                   (1998) with Leon Lai, Shu Qi and Carina Lau, despite not knowing any Cantonese.


                                    Lee Ann (as she is better known) subsequently relocated to Hong Kong where she

                                        busied herself modeling and appeared in two more movies. After her third film, 

                                      she returned home to France to pursue a psychology degree - periodically flying 

                                       back to Hong Kong to accept modeling assignments to pay her college tuition.

                                                When, or if, Lee Ann will ever return to acting remains to be seen.  


                                                           Lee Ann D'Alexandry Filmography



Love Generation Hong Kong       

1998 Tricky King
2000 Dial D For Demons 




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