Law Kar Ying              

                                                                                          Law Kar Ying

                                                                                                                      (Law Ka Ying)



                                 Law Kar Ying's background is in the Peking Opera, though his film work generally bears 

                                 no resemblance to his former vocation. However, he presents a strong flamboyance one

                                  wouldn't expect from a bald middle-aged Chinese man, which may have derived in part 

                                                                            from his Peking Opera training.


                                      Law has acted in every kind of Hong Kong offering, from outrageous comedies with 

                                   Stephen Chow to the somber drama of Ann Hui's Summer Snow, for which he won

                                  a Best Actor award. Other high profile roles include the kidnapped building developer in 

                                   Crime Story, a film producer in Viva Erotica, and a restaurant owner in Tsui Hark's

                                                                                 The Chinese Feast.


                                   Law Kar Ying has dated entertainer Lisa Wong for over 14 years. He's also active in 

                                                        television, filming series in Hong Kong and the Mainland.


                                                                    Law Kar Ying Filmography




1995 A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box
1995 A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella
1995 Because of Lies   
2003 Bloody Killer
1996 Bodyguards of the Last Governor
1995 The Chinese Feast
1993 Crime Story 
2003 Dragon Loaded
1996 Dr. Wai in the Scripture With No Words
1994 Easy Money    
2004 Enter the Phoenix
1996 Forbidden City Cop
1994 From Beijing With Love
1996 The God of Cookery
1994 God of Gamblers' Return
1999 Gorgeous   (c)
1995 Heaven Can't Wait
1994 The Inside Track
1997 Kitchen
1997 Lawyer, Lawyer
1995 Man Wanted
2001 Maniacal Night
2004 Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
1994 Right Here Waiting   (c)
1995 Summer Snow
1998 Super Energetic Man
1995 Tricky Business
1999 The Tricky Master
1996 Viva Erotica
2000 When I Fall in Love...With Both


                                                                                      c = cameo



                                                              Law Kar Ying - Japanese Films



No Problem 2   (c)



                                              Law Kar Ying -TV Credits


The Love Story in the Fantasyland 

My Holy Man
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
A Tough Side of a Lady



                                                               Hong Kong Film Awards


                                                      Best Supporting Actor Nominations- Law Kar Ying

                                                                            1994     From Beijing With Love

                                                                            1997     Kitchen


                                                            Best Supporting Actor Award- Law Kar Ying

                                                                              1995    Summer Snow



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