Lau Siu Ming              

                                                                                        Lau Siu Ming

                                                                                                                       (S.M. Lau)


                                                                          Languages: Chinese, English


                                                                    Lau Siu Ming Filmography



The Banquet   (c)     

  A Better Tomorrow 2
  Bloody Beast
1989 Burning Ambition
  The Butterfly Murders
1988 Call Girl '88
2000 China Strike Force
  A Chinese Ghost Story
  A Chinese Ghost Story II
  A Chinese Ghost Story III
  Coolie Killer
  Devil Hunters
  Devoted To You
1992 Dr. Lamb
  Drunken Master II   (c)
  An Eternal Combat
  Farewell My Dearest     
  Front Page
1992 Girls Without Tomorrow
1993 The Incorruptible
1990 Killer's Romance
  King of Gambler   (c)
2003  The Medallion
1989 Miracles   1
  Phantom War
  Police Story Part II   (c)
  The Prince of Temple Street
  Project A 2
  Righting Wrongs   
1986 Royal Warriors   (c)
  Stagedoor Johnny
  The Supreme Winner
  The Truth
1995 Twist
  The Unwritten Law      
  The Untold Story
  Walk On Fire
1989 The Wild Ones
  Zen of Sword


                                                                                      c = cameo 

                                                                      1  aka Mr. Canton & Lady Rose



                                                                Lau Siu Ming -Singapore Films


The Tree



                                                                Lau Siu Ming -American Films


Eat a Bowl of Tea



                                                              Lau Siu Ming -TV Credits 


At the Threshold of An Era 

At the Threshold of An Era II
The Battle Among the Clans
The Breaking Point
The Key Man




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