Li Chin Kun (Larry Lee)

                                                                              Li Chin Kun 李錦坤

                                                                                                 (Lee Kam Kwan, Larry Lee, David Lee)                    



                                  Li Chin Kun (aka Larry Lee Kam Kwan) was a kung fu movie actor who starred in such

                                    films as The Thunder Kick, Black Belt Karate, The Chinese Tiger, and Showdown 

                                                                           at the Equator with Nora Miao.   


                                                                      Li Chin Kun Filmography 


1977 Black Belt Karate   1
1974 Bloody Ring   2
1978 Bruce Lee in New Guinea
1974 The Chinese Tiger
1977 The Four Shaolin Challengers
1978 Showdown at the Equator
1978 Ten Tigers of Shaolin 
1974 The Thunder Kick


                                                                1  also martial arts director (with Bruce Liang)

                                                                2  aka Ring Sangriento (Spanish title)   




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