Lam Wai

                                                                                  Lam Wai   Lam Wai

                                                                                                               (Lin Wei, David Lam) 



                                  A native of Taiwan, Lam Wai first came to attention in 1984 with his role as the leader 

                                     of a group of Mainland would-be jewel thieves in Johnny Mak's classic Long Arm 

                                     of the Law. He got started in movies with bit part roles at Shaw Brothers studios,

                                      and after establishing himself as a lead actor, he participated in numerous crime, 

                                                       action, and gangster films throughout the 1980's and 90's.   

                                   Many of these roles, such as in Project A II with Jackie Chan, and Royal Warriors 

                                                                    with Michelle Yeoh, were as bad guys. 


                                                                        Lam Wai Filmography 

                                                                                          Lam Wai

  24 Hours Ghost Story
  All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard
  Bloody Brotherhood
  Chinese Cop Out
  A Chinese Ghost Story
  Circus Kids
  Code of Honour
  Come From China
  Crazy Spirit
  Dance With the Killer
  Darkside of Chinatown
  Deadful Melody
  The Deadly Island
  Double Fixation
  Dragons Forever   *
  Dragon Town Story
  Drugs Fighters
1981 Duel of the Century
  A Fake Pretty Woman
1992 Gangs '92
  Heroic Brothers
1983 Holy Flame of the Martial World
  Homicidal Maniac
  It Takes Two To Mingle
  King of Beggars
  King of Gambler
  Law On the Brink
1984 Long Arm of the Law
  The Love That is Wrong
  No Compromise
1990 No Way Back
  The Other Side of the Sea
1988 Picture of a Nymph   *
  Project A II
  Proud and Confident
  Retreat of the Godfather
  Royal Warriors   **
  Special Action Force
  Stars and Roses
  The Story of Lady Sue
  Strange Bedfellow
  Those Merry Souls   (c)
  To Be No. 1   *
  Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars   *
  The Vengeance
1982 Winner Takes All
  Wonderful Kill
1998 Yes, Madam!   *


                                                                                         * cameo

                                                                            ** aka In the Line of Duty



                                                                 Lam Wai -Television Credits

                                                                                         Lam Wai  

Call of the Wild
King of Gambler



                                                                Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                            Lam Wai

                                                            Best New Performer Nomination- Lam Wai

                                                                          1984    Long Arm of the Law



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