Ku Feng (Guk Fung)         

                                                                                          Ku Feng   Ku Feng (Guk Fung)

                                                                                              (Guk Fung, Gu Feng, Kuk Fung, Ku Fung)     


                                                                                         Born: 1930   


                                 Intense, rugged and authoritative, Ku Feng is one of Hong Kong cinema's most productive

                                 and reliable character actors. A mainstay of the celebrated Shaw Brothers film studio since

                                       the mid 1960's, he has anchored many of the most renowned martial arts classics. 


                                       Ku Feng is best known for his many antagonist roles, and his work with top directors 

                                Chang Cheh, Ho Meng Hua, and Chor Yuen. Audiences know him as the evil white haired

                                   clan leader in The Avenging Eagle (1978), the ruthless Ming dynasty general in Secret 

                                    Service of the Imperial Court (1984), the wicked witch doctor in Black Magic  (1975)

                                     and the exploitative anthropologist in Mighty Peking Man (1977), to name a few of his

                                                                                        many guises.


                                      In 1973 he was chosen to play the lead role of Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung in 

                                     Shaw's The Master of Kung Fu. For his role in Li Han-Hsiang's Tiger Killer (1982),

                                            Ku Feng was awarded the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor.


                                     Ku was also active with independent companies. He played a crippled fighter in Four 

                                   Invincibles, a whiskey drinking fight trainer who tutored Bruce Li in Dynamo, and was

                                   Li's Japanese nemesis in Fist of Fury 2. He also co-starred with Li as the main baddie 

                                                in Last Strike, also with Lo Meng, Shaw Yin Yin and Carl Scott.                             


                                      In the 1980's, Ku Feng had significant roles in classics like Peking Opera Blues

                                         Cageman, and Hong Kong 1941. He continues to act today, most recently in 

                                                         Julian Lee's award-winning gothic drama Night Corridor.  


                                                                          Ku Feng Filmography

                                                                                           Ku Feng (Guk Fung)


The 36 Crazy Fists

  The 82 Tenants
1973 All Men Are Brothers
  All Mixed Up
1971 Anonymous Heroes
1978 The Avenging Eagle
1980 Bat Without Wings
  Behind the Curtain
1968 The Bells of Death
1975 Black Magic
  Blood Sorcery
  The Boxer from Shantung
1977 The Brave Archer
1986 Brotherhood
1979 Bruce Against Iron Hand
1978 Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge
1992 Cageman
1998 Cheap Killers
1988 Chicken and Duck Talk
1985 City Hero
2000 City Hunter
1977 Clans of Intrigue
1966 Come Drink With Me
1984 Comedy
2004 Colour Blossoms
1976 The Condemned
  Crack Shadow Boxers
1970 The Crimson Charm
  The Deadly Breaking Sword
1971 The Deadly Duo
1986 Devoted To You
1973 Don't Call Me Gigolo
1969 Dragon Swamp
1971 Duel of Fists 
1987 Easy Money   
1981   The Emperor and His Brother
1982 The Emperor and the Minister
  Family Light Affair
1978 The Five Venoms
1974 The Flying Guillotine
1977 The Flying Guillotine Part II
1974 The Forbidden Tales of Two Cities
  Four Invincibles
1972 The Fugitive 
  Gamblers Heavenly Made
  The Gambling Syndicate
  Gang Master
  Ghost Hospital
  Godfather from Canton
  Godfather's Fury
  The Golden Buddha
1969 The Golden Sword
1978 Gun Brothers 
1973 The Happiest Moment
1969 Have Sword, Will Travel
1980 Heroes Shed No Tears
1970 The Heroic Ones
  Home Again
  Home at Hong Kong
1984 Hong Kong 1941
1974 Hong Kong 1973
1967 Hong Kong Nocturne
1973 The House of 72 Tenants   (cameo)
2004 The Impotent King
1967 Interpol
1969 The Invincible Fist
1968 The Jade Raksha
1977 Jade Tiger
1979 Jeet Kune the Claws and the Supreme Kung Fu   1
1977 Judgement of an Assassin
1989 Just Heroes   (cameo)
1980 The Kid With a Tattoo
1976 Killer Clans
1969 Killers Five
1976 King Gambler
1966 The Knight of Knights
1983 The Lady Assassin
1982 The Lady is the Boss
1977 Last Strike   2
1986 Legacy of Rage
  Legend of the Drunken Tiger
1983 Little Dragon Maiden
1976 Love Swindlers
1976 The Magic Blade
1966 The Magnificent Trio
1987 Magnificent Warriors
1984 Maybe It's Love
1981 Martial Club 
1973 The Master of Kung Fu
  Mean Guy
1977 Mighty Peking Man
1979 My Kung Fu 12 Kicks   3
1982 My Rebellious Son 
1969 My Son
1971 New One-Armed Swordsman   4
2003 Night Corridor 
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1967 One-Armed Swordsman
2002 Pauline's Life            
1982 Passing Flickers
1977 The Peerless Swordsman
1986 Peking Opera Blues
  The Proud Youth
  Raw Passions
1990 Return Engagement
  Return of the Dead
1968 Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
1973 River of Fury
1993 Rose Rose I Love You
1980 Roving Swordsman
1974 Scandal
1984 Secret Service of the Imperial Court
  Sensual Pleasures
1977 The Sentimental Swordsman
1970 The Shadow Whip
1978 Shaolin Disciple
1983 Shaolin Intruders
1983 Shaolin Prince
1976 Shaolin Temple 
1970 The Singing Killer
  Soul of the Sword
  The Spirit
  The Star, the Rogue & the Kung Fu Kid
  Suburb Murder
1967 Summons To Death
  The Supreme Swordsman
1983 Tales of a Eunuch
  Temperament of Life
1965 Temple of the Red Lotus
  Ten Tigers of Kwangtung
1968 That Fiery Girl
1975 That's Adultery!
1967 The Thundering Sword
1982 Tiger Killer
1994 The Tragic Fantasy: "Tiger of Wanchai"   (cameo)