Kim-Maree Penn         

                                                                              Kim-Maree Penn

                                                                               Actress, Bodyguard, Security Director

                                                            Height: 5'9        Weight: 135 lbs.


                                      Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Kim-Maree Penn is a former undefeated kumite 

                                      fighter and 1988 World Karate Champion. She participated in state, national, and 

                                     international tournaments, receiving the Most Outstanding Competitor Award at the 

                                    World Karate Championships in Japan. Her martial arts skills also include Tae Kwon 

                                     Do, Muay Thai, Grappling, Kung Fu (Wushu and Shaolin Eagle claw) and weapons 

                                                         (fencing, firearms, Chinese broad sword and whip chain).   

                                  A member of the Hong Kong Stuntman's Association with special training in Melbourne

                                    and Hong Kong, Kim-Maree's expertise was showcased in action movies where she 

                                 appeared and fought with many of the industry's top stars- Cynthia Khan, Simon Yam

                                             Michelle YeohFrankie Chan, Fan Siu Wong, Hwang Jang Lee and

                                                                             Jackie Chan to name a few.


                                           Kim-Maree has remained in Hong Kong, where she works as director of the 

                                              Hong Kong / China division of the International Bodyguard Association. 

                                          She's also managing director of the region's pre-eminent security company,  

                                   protecting local and visiting VIPs and celebrities ranging from Sting and Mariah Carey 

                                                             to Bill Gates and former HK governor Chris Patten.


                                                               Kim-Maree Penn Filmography 


1989 Live Hard    
1990 In the Line of Duty 5: Middle Man
1991 On Certain Destinations   (CHINA)
1992 Fun and Fury
1992 Police Story III: Supercop
1994 Oh! Yes Sir!
1995 Ultimate Revenge
1998 Black Mask   (promotional only)
1996 How To Meet the Lucky Stars
1997 Armageddon
1997 The Death Games
1999 City of Darkness



                                                 Kim-Maree Penn -American Films


The Chinese Box
Knock Off  
The Punisher   *  
White Tiger 


                                                                                    * stuntwoman



                                                     Kim-Maree Penn -TV Credits


Bruce (JKD) 
Fighting Fit   1 
Fist of Fury 
Hard Knox   2 
The Law   3  


                                                                                1   Australia

                                                                                2   U.S. / Australia 

                                                                                     (New Line Television)

                                                                                3   Hong Kong / Australia



                                                  Kim-Maree Penn -Video Games


Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master  *   
Supreme Warrior       


                                                                          *  directed by Frankie Chan



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