Kelly Lin Hsi Lei  L     

                                                                               Kelly Lin  Kelly Lin Hsi Lei (Kelly Lam Hei Lui)

                                                                                        (Lin Hsi Lei, Lam Hei Lui, Kelly Lam, Lin Xi Lei)   


                                              Born:  October 29, 1975- Taiwan        Languages:  Chinese, English


                                   Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin didn't waste any time building her sexy image. With the 

                                   help of filmmaker Wong Jing plus the wife of Chinastar president Charles Heung as 

                                     her agent, she has steadily increased her visibility in Hong Kong with her film roles 

                                                                                  and revealing pictorials. 

                                      In her short career Kelly has worked with the top directors and stars, playing Ekin  

                                  Cheng's girlfriend in Andrew Lau's The Legend of Speed (1999), the center of a love  

                                 triangle in Johnnie To's Fulltime Killer (2001) with Andy Lau and Takashi Sorimachi, 

                                           and appearing in Tsui Hark's special effects epic The Legend of Zu (2001).   

                                       Her latest Johnnie To film, Running Out of Time 2, allows Kelly to act with her 

                                                                    idol, Hong Kong thespian Lau Ching Wan.  


                                                                        Kelly Lin Filmography

                                                                                        Kelly Lin Hsi Lei (Kelly Lam Hei Lui)


The Conmen in Vegas   

2002 Devil Face, Angel Heart
2000 For Bad Boys Only
2001 Fulltime Killer
2002 The Irresistible Piggies
1999 The Legend of Speed
2001 The Legend of Zu 
2001 Martial Angels     
2002 My Left Eye Sees Ghosts   (c)
2000 Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement
2002 Running Out of Time 2
2002 Sleeping With the Dead
1999 The Tricky Master        



                                                    Kelly Lin -Television Credits

                                                                                       Kelly Lin Hsi Lei (Kelly Lam Hei Lui)

Asian Charlie's Angels   *

Chor Lau Heung 2001


                                                  * 2001 cable TV telefilm with Christy Chung and Annie Wu  



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                                                                                      Kelly Lin Hsi Lei (Kelly Lam Hei Lui)

Offbeat- Passionate But Afraid of Tenderness 


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