Kathy Chow Hoi Mei              

                                                                                           Kathy Chow

                                                                    (Chow Hoi Mei, Chau Hoi Mei, Kathy Chau, Zhao Hai Mei, Cathy Chow)


                       Born: Dec 6, 1966


                                      Kathy Chow Hoi Mei was a contestant of TVB's Miss Hong Kong contest in 1985.

                                  After the event, TVB offered her the opportunity to become an actress with the network.

                                       Her film career developed almost concurrently, debuting in Cadets on the Beat

                                 No matter where Kathy's career has taken her, whether as actress, singer, commercial

                                                             spokeswoman or TV host, success has followed. 


                                                                     Kathy Chow Filmography



Beast Cops

1986 Cadets on the Beat
1997 Cause We Are So Young 
1998 Cheap Killers
1995 Don't Give a Damn
  Fight Back to School III
1996 First Option
  A Game of No Rule
1991 Holy Virgin vs. the Evil Dead
  How To Pick Up Girls
1993 Insanity
1990 King of Gambler   
1998 Love and Sex of the Eastern Hollywood
  Love Recipe
2002 Memento
  My Dear Son
  Nobody's Hero
  Nude Fear
  The Private Eye Blues
1998 Sleepless Town   *  
  Sound From the Dark     
  The Truth  
2001 Vampire Controller
  We're Not the Worst
  The Wild Goose Chase           


                                                                     * Japan / Hong Kong co-production



                                                               Kathy Chow -TV Credits 


Asian Heroes 

Being Honest 
The Breaking Point
Cherished Moments
Fate Takes a Hand
The Feud of Two Brothers
Flaming Brothers
Flaming Brothers II
The Last Tango in Shanghai 
Looking Back in Anger 
Miss Anchorwoman
Plain Love
Secret of the Heart
Showbiz Tycoon
The Price of Growing Up
Time Before Time
Where I Belong
The Yang's Saga




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