Jude Poyer           

                                                                                         Jude Poyer

                                                                                                                  (Wong Chi Hung)

                      Actor, Stuntman  


                                     London native Jude Poyer has found his place in the Hong Kong film industry as

                                     a stunt double, actor and all-around go-to gwailo. He's played zombies, vampires, 

                                 and assassins, and fought with action stars Zhao Wen Zhou, Yuen Biao, Jet Li, and 

                                     Jean Claude Van Damme among others. Poyer, a HK resident and member of the

                                    Hong Kong Stuntman's Association, has also written articles about his experiences

                                                                                   on the film sets. 


                                                                     Jude Poyer Filmography



Away With Words

2000 Bio-Cops
1998 The Blacksheep Affair
1997 Downtown Torpedoes
1998 Enter the Eagles
1999 Fist Power
2000 Gen-Y Cops
1998 Hitman
1998 Hot War   (stunts)
1999 A Man Called Hero
2003 The Medallion  
1998 Moonlight Express
1998 Purple Storm
2001 Scaremonger
2002 So Close
2003 Star-Runner
2000 Treasure Hunter   (extra)
2000 Twilight Garden
1999 The Untold Story III
2001 Vampire Controller  
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File



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Knock Off



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The Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen




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