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                                                                             John Ladalski

                                                                                           John Ladalski             

                                                                                                                     (John V. Ladalski)

                                                                        Martial Artist, Actor, Action Director, Trainer



                                         John Ladalski's first film appearance was in Andy Sidaris' 1979 B-movie 

                                    Seven. Shot in Hawaii, it starred veteran Hollywood tough guy William Smith, 

                                      and also featured 1977 Playboy playmate Susan Kiger and the late Kenpo 

                                                   master Ed Parker (Elvis Presley's former karate instructor).

                                      In the movie, John appears in a scene where he is punished by a Hawaiian 

                                    crime boss and becomes the victim of a sword demonstration by Shorin Ryu

                                                 expert Tadashi Yamashita (of Bronson Lee, Champion fame).



                                                                   "Carl... you've been stealing from me".



                                                                "Boss, I haven't been stealing from you".


                                               who writes this sh*t?         

                                          "You know what I'm gonna do with you?                 "No... no!"

                                 I'm gonna make some pineapple sundae outta you."


                                  Doling out the punishment   



                                                                                     That's show biz.



                                                              John in "Duel of the Ninjas"

                                                                   John in Robert Tai's Duel of the Ninjas.


                                                                       City War


                                City War: with Norman Tsui Siu Keung  Pictured with Michael Chow

                               As Tsui Siu Keung's employee in City War (1988).      Arguing with Ti Lung.


                                trigger happy      Ladalski and Eddie Maher

                                              Trigger happy in City War.                       John and Eddie Maher.




                                    with Yasuaki Kurata   Bloodfight

                                                        John as Yasuaki Kurata's trainer in Bloodfight (1989).



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