John Ladalski Gallery                                             

                                                                             John Ladalski

                                                                                           John Ladalski             

                                                                                                                     (John V. Ladalski)

                                                                        Martial Artist, Actor, Action Director, Trainer


                                                    Special thanks to Sifu Ladalski for contributing the photos.


                                                              John with Chow Yun Fat

                                                  John Ladalski and Chow Yun Fat pose on the set of City War.



                                                Scenes from the making of Armour of God (1986):


                                                             Jackie Chan & John Ladalski

                                                            Jackie Chan and John Ladalski relax off camera.



                                                             Filming Armour of God

                                           John Ladalski, Armour of God director and star Jackie Chan at work.



                                                          Armour of God co-star Alan Tam with John

                                                                           Alan Tam and John on the set.




                                                         John with the late Klaus Kinski

                                                          John and Klaus Kinski on location in the Phillipines 

                                                                             for Codename: Wildgeese. 



                                                     Inheritor of Kung Fu: playing a bad guy

                                                     John appearing in Inheritor of Kung Fu, filmed in Taiwan.



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