John Ladalski

                                                                                   John Ladalski

                                                                                                                    (John V. Ladalski)      

                                                                                                         Martial Artist, Actor  


                                      John Ladalski is a practicioner of Wing Chun kung fu, and resides in Hong Kong

                                    teaching martial arts, where he is a chief instructor of the Hong Kong Jeet Kune Do 

                                      Self Defense Association. John has appeared in numerous Hong Kong action and  

                                     martial arts movies, notably The Chinese Stuntman (with Bruce Li and longtime

                                   associate Dan Inosanto), Inheritor of Kung Fu with Ti Lung, and Armour of God

                                    playing the lecherous head monk in Jackie Chan's 1987 action / adventure classic.  


                                    Ladalski is currently a Jeet Kune Do instructor under Sifu Dan Inosanto, his former

                                     teacher. John has passed his knowledge of martial arts to other performers as well.                      

                                    He is a professional instructor in training actors and actresses for action films, which

                                   involves coaching performers on how to execute movements and stunts in a few days 

                                     or weeks. He has trained actors to work in Hong Kong, Hollywood, Japan and India. 

                                     In 1991 he was hired by a Malaysian film development board to train 30 performers 

                                     for films and television in a three month course. He has also worked for Malaysia's

                                                             Sunny Films as a stunt / action director and trainer.


                                 In 1979 John appeared in his first film, the American B-movie Seven. This was followed

                                  by a featured role in The Chinese Stuntman, and many other Hong Kong productions 

                                    in the customary 'foreigner' roles. He also showed up in some Shaw Brothers films,

                                      playing a police chief in The Informer starring Danny Lee and a foreign fighter

                                                  in one of Alexander Fu Sheng's last films, My Rebellious Son

                                   John has also had the opportunity to work with famed movie producer Roger Corman,

                                       Hollywood stunt coordinator Bobby Bass, and film icons Lee Van Clief, Ernest 

                                                                 Borgnine, Klaus Kinski and Mel Gibson. 


                                   Presently John teaches and conducts seminars on Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan concepts

                                   including Wing Chun and Filipino martial arts Arnis / Escrima / Kali, which have been

                                                                held in Europe, Asia and the United States.


                                                                   John Ladalski Filmography 


108 Golden Killers   1    
Armour of God 
Burning Ambition
The Chinese Stuntman   2
City Cops
City War
The Cyprus Tigers
Death Cage
Duel of the Ninjas   3  
In the Line of Duty V: Middle Man  (c)
The Informer   (1980)   
Inheritor of Kung Fu   4
The Inspector Wears Skirts Part II
Long Arm of the Law III
Mission Thunderbolt
Ninja in the Claws of the CIA   (c)
Ninja Thunderbolt  
My Rebellious Son
Spy Games
To Hell With the Devil   (c)


                                                                                      c  =  cameo

                                                                        1  aka Ninja Holocaust

                                                                        2  aka Counter Attack 

                                                                        3  re-released in 1999 in altered 

                                                                            form as Shaolin Dolemite

                                                                        4  aka The Heroic One



                                                              John Ladalski -American Films        


Air America
Bloodfight   *
Codename: Wildgeese
Dog Tags
Game of Death
Heroes Three
King's Ransom
Nine Deaths of a Ninja
The Protector   1
Sakura Killers
Seven   (1979)  2
Sudden Thunder   3


                                                                 *   Japan / US / Hong Kong co-production 

                                                                   1   minor part (van driver)   

                                                                   2   minor part (intro)  

                                                                     also action director and action trainer



                                                 John Ladalski -Malaysian Films  


1990 Dadah Connection   1
1992 Ops Belentara   2


                                                          1   also co-action director

                                                          2   also action director, stunt coordinator, trainer



                                                      John Ladalski -TV Credits  


Enjoy Yourself Tonight  *


                                                                *   featured guest on HK-TVB's live show,

                                                                explaining Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and

                                                            demonstration with two of John's JKD students 

                                                                                                              (February 10, 1982)



                                                    John Ladalski -Japanese TV  


G-Men '75   *


                                                                    *   played a villain in two episodes of 

                                                                     TV series (shot in Hong Kong) (1985)



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