John Chang Wu Lang

                                                                           John Chang  John Chang Wu Lang (John Cheung)

                                                                        (Chang Wu Lang, Cheung Ng Long, John Cheung, John Cheng)              

         Actor, Action Choreographer


                                            Kung fu star John Chang was regularly seen in 1970's and 80's films for

                                      Shaw Brothers and Goldig Films. Playing villains and heroes, Chang's skills were 

                                     showcased in such films as The 36th Chamber of Shaolin starring Gordon Lau 

                                   Kar Fei, Two Wondrous Tigers with Ko Fei and Sharon Yeung Pan Pan, Duel of 

                                          the Brave Ones with Wilson Tong, and Writing Kung Fu with Bolo Yeung.


                                 John Chang Wu Lang's career has sometimes developed parallel with Jackie Chan's.

                                        In 1972, before either was established, he and Jackie played a pair of thugs in 

                                   Police Woman. A few years later, Jackie starred in his breakout films Snake in the

                                      Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master. One of the many imitations it spawned  

                                         was Snake in the Monkey's Shadow, with John Chang in the starring role 

                                                                    opposite frequent co-star Wilson Tong.  

                                       In the 1980's, John played villains in Jackie's films Project A, Project A II, and 

                                           Police Story 2. He also appeared in Winners and Sinners and Miracles.  


                                       John Chang has also dabbled in Western productions. He was in Shaw Brothers'

                                  HK/USA co-production Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold, and later showed

                                         up in a couple of Van Damme movies, but his biggest appearance was in the 

                                  Bruce Lee bio-pic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, where he fought Jason Scott Lee. 


                                        In 2000 John assembled an eclectic HK cast for Treasure Hunter, an aquatic

                                                                action film he produced, directed, and acted in.


                                                                     John Chang Filmography 

                                                                                        John Chang Wu Lang (John Cheung)

  The 36th Chamber of Shaolin   
  Bullet For Hire   +
  Challenge of the Masters
  Duel of the Brave Ones
  Eagle's Killer
  Executioners of Shaolin    
  Mantis Fists & Tiger Claws of Shaolin
  Massage Girls
  Mysterious Lady Killer
  Police Story II    
1972 Police Woman
  Project A
  Project A 2
  Shaolin Mantis
  Snake in the Monkey's Shadow
  Storming Attacks   1
  Tiger Cage 3
  Tiger on the Beat II
2000 Treasure Hunter  (also wr, pr, dir, etc.)   2
  Two Wondrous Tigers
  Winners and Sinners
  Writing Kung Fu   (also dir)


                                                                               + =  action choreography

                                                          dir =  director      pr =  producer      wr =  writer

                                                      1  aka Image of Bruce Lee

                                                      2  actor, writer, director, executive producer, underwater 

                                                          photographer, underwater fight choreographer



                                                                  John Chang -American Films        

                                                                                        John Chang Wu Lang (John Cheung)

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold  1
Double Impact
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Shadow of China   2
Vanishing Son   3


                                                        1   co-production with Hong Kong

                                                          (cameo) Japan / U.S. / Hong Kong co-production

                                                        3   U.S. television (guest appearance) 




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