Joey Yung Tso Yi              

                                                                                  Joey Yung  Joey Yung Tso Yi

                                                                                 (Yung Tso Yi, Yung Cho Yi, Yung Jo Yee, Rong Zu Er)  

                     Singer, Actress 

                                     Born: June 16, 1980- Hong Kong      Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English


                              One of the hottest singers in Hong Kong, Joey Yung Tso Yi released her debut LP in 1999.

                                 She is on the EEG label and her mentor is the late music legend Roman Tam. Joey's

                             pop, dance, and R&B ballads have consistently made the charts, and her songs are used as

                                  TVB themes and commercial jingles. With her face being used to sell everything from 

                                                             cosmetics to real estate, movies were inevitable.

                                 She officially debuted in Clifton Ko's Winner Takes All (2000), and has since been in 

                                                                 several other films aimed at the youth market.


                                                                     Joey Yung Filmography

                                                                                       Joey Yung Tso Yi


The Accident    

2000 Winner Takes All
2001 Feel 100% II   
2001 My Schoolmate, the Barbarian
2001 Expect a Miracle    
2002 Demi-Haunted   
2004 The Attractive One




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