sp;                                                                                  Actress   

                                                                                       Height: 5' 5" 


                             Joan Tong Lai Kau was the second runner up in the 1984 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, 

                             and parleted the publicity into a succcessful acting career. Joan has worked with Wong Jing,

                            Danny Lee, and Sammo Hung. After years of cohabitation, in 2003 she married her boyfriend, 

                                         actor Ben Ng. The following year she and her friends opened a beauty salon.    


                                                 Joan Tong Lai Kau Filmography

                                                                       Joan Tong Lai Kau                                                     


02:00 AM

  The Crazy Companies
  The Crazy Companies 2
  Devil Lover
  Fatal Vacation
  Hero of Tomorrow
  Infatuated Forbidden
  Inspiration Nightmare
1990 Pantyhose Hero
  Return of the Lucky Stars 
  Thank You, Sir



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