Hu Chin (Woo Gam)

                                                                      Hu Chin 胡錦

                                                                                                             (Woo Gam, Hu Jin, Hu Chen)

                           Actress, Singer

                                    A Peking Opera disciple, the enticing Hu Chin was among the best known ladies of the 

                                     jade screen in the 1970's. Discovered by famed director Li Han Hsiang, Hu Chin was  

                                      plucked from her native Taiwan to appear in her debut Shaw Brothers film in 1970, the

                                    drama Four Moods. This marked the beginning of her career in Hong Kong as a regular

                                        of Li Han Hsiang's films under the Shaw Brothers banner, where she soon became 

                                  famous for her many seductress roles. In total, Hu Chin would go on to act in over 70 films.


                                  In addition to her Shaws films, Hu Chin worked for other smaller companies such as Goldig 

                                     Films, and dramas in her home country of Taiwan. In 1975, Hu Chin wed fellow actor 

                                                             Paul Chang Chung, though their union did not last.


                                     For the 40th anniversary of the classic Shaw huangmei film The Love Eterne in 2002, 

                                      Hu Chin took to the stage with the film's star Ivy Ling Po for the musical revival "The 

                                                  Butterfly Lovers", and has continued to perform with her through 2005.

                                       A survivor of breast cancer like Ling Po, Hu Chin's public activities today include live 

                                                                       singing performances and charity work.